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greenactive PR, established in 1991 by partnership of Azade Başağa and Ertuğrul Kale at Ankara. After that Istanbul and Izmir offices are activated.

greenactive PR is a leading and different group that makes public relation and lobby studies in Turkey, creates creative ideas and communication solutions and applying these in high quality and level and tracing the “great idea”.

greenactive PR projects are remembered by the public years after easily and it is the most prize winner public relations agency in Turkey.

Our Leadership

greenactive is the first Turkish public relations agency that won prizes from the United Nations with Turkey’s first social responsibility environment project Izmir Kus Cenneti Rama Cansuyu project, believes behaving in highest institutional behavior standards both for its public and world and shown its difference by supporting many other social responsibility project sensitively that makes contribution to public.

Our Mission

greenactive PR has many working areas without any limitation that extends up to international dimension and projects that reflects the socially beneficial institution image.

greenactive PR, achieves projects that their goals are determined, believes and cares about team spirit, respect and trust, objectivity and expertise. greenactive combines professionalism and modern standards in the light of ethical values, succeed many projects that their goals are determined in both domestic and international area.

greenactive is perfectionist by giving importance to details while producing many prestigious projects. It sees success by empathy and always provided itself or institutions represented being one step ahead from others.

greenactive responses from institutional communication to social responsibility projects by efficient solutions and also represented the institutions in accordance with the common interests that requires serious experience and expertise, subjects like crisis communications in best way.

Mission of greenactive PR;

Providing competitive and dynamic structure in sector with respect and without knowing any market limits, satisfying the needs of employers by the participation and happiness of them, innovation,

Being an respectful institution to the environment and sustainability of its.

greeanctive PR Companies believe in looking further on their own light and predicting of upcoming changes. Thinking of using our imagination only directs one way of the creativity.

The other two sides of the creativity is the expertise and motivation and it is also important as capability of creative thinking. Characteristic of greenactive is this.





greenactive ilklerimiz

We have overcome the challenges...

We have even learned to love challenges and pain What really mattered was to achieve the tough process Achieving toughest one was to learn the impossible
the best moments of our lives were the moments when we overcame the difficulties...

Excitement and enthusiasm; Unconditional respect,
The care that comes from love: Ours was a positive look at life. We have moved along with modest steps and with the spirit of dedication.


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Azade Başağa - Ertuğrul Kale

While basis of a life sustainable life found, we are continuing to provide services with our creative and sample projects that based on ethical values and principles for a better world and SUSTAINABLE future as greenactive PR.

As a result of studies conducted since 2012, there is 17 Sustainability goal determined based on “human, planet and welfare”. And these goals are accepted and signed by the world leaders in United Nations General Assembly.


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