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common heritage of human history


Why do we care about Social Responsibility Projects?


There are lots of historical artifacts waiting to be found, protected and examined in our country that is universally inherited for history and culture. We are as greenactive family are supporting these studies to be transferred to next generations by common studies conducted with expert teams and universities.

Also, we are caring about creating consciousness about the history and culture in Turkish youths, meeting them art and civilization, we believe that this consciousness must be created in younger ages for creating more civilized and modern public.

Briefly, as greenactive family, we know our responsibility to the public and the world we live in and we are contributing to these projects by excitement and decides for satisfying our duties in the best manner.



Natural and cultural heritage estates and assets are all common heritage of whole humanity. Their protection, transfer to young generations; means a travel to the past and on the other hand it means understanding the past, recognizing and knowing it better. Collecting is mainly a passion, but also it is discipline, following, sacrificing and patience. Generally people who collect napkins, keys, toys in their childhood can be canalized to stamp, coin, archeological and ethnographic artifacts consciously.

The most sensibility needed in collecting is recorded and documented collecting, without any doubt. Within the scope of information and permission of these expert institutions these kind of collections may consist of archeological or any other special artifacts.

We are 20 years of archeological artifact collectors of the Istanbul Directorate of Archaeological Museum and we are continuing to contribute new artifacts to our world continues.

We are glad to share you important part of our artifacts from web-site with you.



As it is given in archeology terminology; “Every object coming from soil tells you something, as long as you know how to understand it”.

This object may be an eye drop bottle, a vine or oil amphora, sometimes a gravestone, sometimes a relief, sometimes a simple artifact that can make life easier. Just try to understand it. Imagine that.

This toy wagon is one MASTERWORK of our collection.

What is the story of this object? What it tells us? Let’s try to understand it by looking the photograph.

The first one is as clean as the first day it is constructed. Such a clean object dates back to Roma and 4. century BS.

Lots of researcher finds this archeological object is obtained in such a clear way. Also, they are surprised how such a fragile part that produced from ceramics, soil and given to such a brat kid can stay safe and sound.


This toy is found in a region that an important civilization is governed. Probably it is taken from an necropolis and from a little sarcophagus. And again this little kid is never played with this toy most likely. So that this toy can stay so shining like that.

Raw material of this toy is earthenware. It is used in Roma ceramics, consisting of decorations that handled by baking in 800 centigrade. Terra sigilarta

Toy’s front part is shaped like a triangle and there is a hole opened there. There is double and triple hole that placed on the empty rectangle. Wheels that are moving the toy are in different sizes and front ones are smaller than the others. Details in a horse’s foot and neck are decorated with motifs belonging to these times and saddles and manes, features and harnesses are shown.

These unique horse form toys are produced in generations later and also similar ones were produced by toy makers in the neighborhood even up to the 1960’s and especially by Eyup toy makers.


Exhibition of Story of Tastes
greenactive, Rama Taste Story Exhibition is supported by Azade Başağa and Ertuğrul Kale with archeological, traditional and Ottoman artifacts.

Rama Taste Story Exhibition is exhibited in Istanbul and Ankara, drawn great interest.

Limantepe Dig
greenactive, supported underwater excavation in Urla Klazomenai region that conducted by the presidency of Prof. Dr. Hayat Erkanal from Ankara University.

Baklatepe-Panaztepe Digs
greenactive, supported necropolis and old city digs in Izmir Menemen that conducted by the presidency of Prof. Dr. Armagan Erkanal from Ankara University.

greenactive, supported digs in Bandirma Manyas Daskyplekion that conducted by Prof.Dr.Tomris Bakır from Ege University.

greenactive, is supported protection of a grave in which is covered by mosaics and found during necropolis digging studies in Patara that conducted by Ankara University , Faculty of Archeology.

Istanbul University Faculty of Communication-Communication Museum
greenactive, supported the studies conducted in Communication Museum.

Stories and Palaces
"Greening, Growing, Sustaining Culture and Civilization: Stories and Palaces” Project’s first one is realized in Istanbul Archeology Museum and second one is realized in Topkapi Palace and it is a cultural and arts event that arranged by participation of pre-schools, primary schools and high schools. The main goal of this event is to transfer the culture and civilization experience to young generations and creating a boundary between museums and students.

Students participated in this event, prepared interesting art works that reflecting their experience and exhibited these in whole month.