greenactive ilklerimiz
our firsts

We have overcome the challenges...
We have even learned to love challenges and pain
What really mattered was to achieve the tough process
Achieving toughest one was to learn the impossible
the best moments of our lives were the moments when we overcame the difficulties...

Excitement and enthusiasm; Unconditional respect,
The care that comes from love: Ours was a positive look at life.
We have moved along with modest steps and with the spirit of dedication.

We have always done the firsts in the sector,
Our journey started with SINCAP, the first and only environmental magazine we prepared for children the course on the environment which did not have a textbook, and we have always followed innovations and different big ideas.

With our first project in Istanbul, we have implemented Turkey's first corporate social responsibility environmental project. To the project, we brought CANSUYU for the birds at Izmir Bird Paradise, which faced a danger of extinction.

We have been awarded with two rewards for this project.
We have been honored with UNTED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT AWARD.
This was the first award from the UN within our sector.

After that, with the sponsorship of Tetra - Pak, we have implemented the FIRST CHILD ASSEMBLY OF THE WORLD in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and the contribution of the Ministry of Education.

The manifest on environment prepared by approximately 200 children between the ages 12-14 after two days of meeting in Ankara was submitted by us to the President Suleyman Demirel with the request to send it to all world leaders.

We have traveled around the cities of Turkey with CIF TRAIN, which has a steam locomotive.
The Cif Men, who lived on the train for 90 days, BREAKING A RECORD, have helped us to convey the message about keeping our cities as clean as our homes

On the 700th anniversary of the Ottoman Empire, we have been honored by conducting the RESTORATION AND CONVERSATION of the external marble surface of TOPKAPI PALACE, the 500 years old symbolic building of the empire.

We have cleaned every corner with the CIF MAN legend we have created.
We have implemented restorations in TAKSIM MONUMENT and KADIN EFENDI FOUNTAIN in Kurucesme as a part of renovation of history under the slogan “Let The Light of Past Shine in the Future”; thereby reinforced the concept of CIF man which was launched by TOPKAPI PALACE project.

We have also created the project, which will tell about the eating and drinking in Anatolia, the cradle of civilization, for our product RAMA.
The Idol of the Project was the breastfeeding women’s status, which was discovered at Karacahoyuk.

In the exhibition named RAMA, STORY OF FLAVOUR, we have tried to explain the eating and drinking habits of Anatolian civilizations since the Paleolithic ages until today with archaeological an ethnographic object.

We have hosted thousands of people at the exhibitions held in Ankara and Istanbul.

For the launch of world’s first liquid margarine, Komili TADIM, we have implemented the first laser show on water screen in Turkey.

We have executed a laser show on the water screen in Conrad Hotel’s Ballroom and introduced the world’s first liquid margarine TADIM to a sales group consisting of thousand people.

“If you did not taste the local flavor yet; we are happy to present you this drink; the Cola is the flavor you know, and the Turka is our Turka.”

We had the chance to introduce the first cola of Turkey, Kola Turka.
Ulker has entered the soda market with brands of Link, ÇamlIca and Sunny; and it made a big surprise with COLA TURKA.

KOLA OF TURKA, COLA TURKA, had the title of most successful launching and the product with most news in press.

We have begun our journey with a little information we received from Izmir.
The information was about an olive oil workshop that existed in Urla, KLAZOMENAI in ancient times, and we have faced the officers for the excavation.

And we have made a restoration project to rebuild the WORLD’S OLDEST OLIVE OIL WORKSHOP, which is the oldest in the world dating back to 6th century BC, and we broke ground in Turkey and in the world, by producing the oil with the technique in the ancient times.

We have introduced the COLD PRESS in olive oil with the questions of Ergun Köknar, the famous gourmet, artist, journalist and author, who passed away.

It was understood that the olive oil is separated by cold water with a history of 2,600 years; and this expression of the excavation head has brought the concept of cold press as a new method among the olive oil producers.

With this project, we have received an award from PRSA in USA. This award was given to a PR agency outside the USA for the first time, and we were honored to bring that in Turkey.

We have established READING ROOMS for the children at the age of primary school in NUSAYBIN, MARDIN and DIYARBAKIR for FRITO LAY, thereby executed an important project.

We have continued with OMO WOMEN’S TRIBUNE and OMO WOMEN’S CLUB.
“OMO WOMEN’S CLUB” which has established a sentimental tie among the club members, which helps them feel special and important, and to show their skills and abilities; has become a place where women can find a shelter when necessary.

The pass through of SAIPEM 7000, which places the pipes on Black Sea for the Blue Stream Project, from the Straits had an enormous interest. By stopping the traffic in the Strait, SAIPEM 7000 has reduced its level by the water, it has taken before the bridge, and it took an hour to pass in the Black Sea. The pass through was conveyed live simultaneously to national and international TV channels with 8 different cameras.

SAIPEM 7000 crane vessel is a combination of the best technologies and know-hows about the construction within the sea. SAIPEM 7000 is the only vessel with a flooring tower of 4,500 tones and a height of 134 meters, equal to twice the height of the Pisa tower, with an area of ​​200 meters in length and 87 meters in width and two football fields. More than 800 people were working on the ship, carrying out the pipe laying process very precisely, keeping the proper position under all weather conditions.

Another project we have implemented as a first is the LIVING TOGETHER project for the British students who have owned a house in Didim and Bodrum, on behalf of British Real Estate company, Parador Properties. We have given importance to this project, which aimed to get the locals of Didim and British people live together and train their children.

LIVING TOGETHER Project, which was initiated by Didim Association and Parador Properties with a protocol; aimed to integrate the foreigners who have settled in Didim, people coming from different parts of Anatolia and the locals of Didim.

We are all sure that you remember the journey of CIF MAN; or maybe Rama’s Izmir Birds’ Paradise Lifeblood project or the guest for flavor...

These works are carried out by greenactive, and they were always on the agenda due to their structure that puts the brand first. All of the projects were remembered and stayed alive, and they are still remembered....

The level of achievement will become more concrete if it is registered and supported with data from research and surveys and with awards....

Then, success will become alive.

The success of greenactive PR is registered.

The success of greenactive PR is registered with the consumer views, relevant research results and the rewards....
greenactive PR is a strong brand, it is different.....consistent.....connected
greenactive PR is Ethical, Creative, Solution focused, Dynamic and Creating a difference,
....and greenactive PR represents the Corporate Identity at its best,

We are grateful to everyone and we celebrate the 25th year with a great honor, pride and joy...