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Strategic Planning

We develop effective strategies for everything from brand awareness to crisis communications.

Thought Leadership

We build thought leaders and agents of change within the education industry and special needs markets.

Content Marketing

We believe the message is everything, and will craft the compelling content that sets you apart.

Media Relations

We execute multichannel media relations initiatives that resonate with the biggest industry influencers

Digital Media

Our digital services leverage the best of class services to deliver solid business results.

Event Organization

greenactive organizes any event in a short time. All around Turkey, we perform launches, openings, anniversary celebrations, concerts, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, dealer meetings, animation shows.

“Business is registered with the focus on the success of those to be perfect”

“Başarı mükemmeliyete odaklananlarındır.”

Direct Marketing Studies

greenactive has a vast and experienced team that successfully conducts all kinds of direct marketing activities such as promotions, direct mailing, roadshow, sample distribution, participation in exhibitions, market activities, field studies.

In company Communication

greenactive offers a variety of activities, events and training programs that will promote your organization's team spirit with professional business partners and ensure that company culture and goals are identified.

Sponsorship and Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

Sponsorship and social responsibility projects mean that a company fulfills its collective obligations as part of its community.

greenactive, scrutinize, and negotiate sponsorship opportunities through the use of sponsorship management. Sponsorships can be organized in many areas such as sports, art, donations and environment-related works.

Corporate social responsibility projects include long-term and sophisticated projects in which a company is strategically connected to a case that needs to be supported and is valued by the community.

Since its foundation, greenactive has been Turkey's leading provider of sponsorship and social responsibility projects.

Crisis Management

greenactive demonstrates a proactive approach to crisis management efforts.

It conducts risk analysis of the situations that may affect the customer's reputation, evaluating their realization potential and potential impacts. It prepares crisis plans and procedures that specify how to deal with issues that may arise. It builds crisis management groups and organizes crisis simulation exercises at least once a year. It closely follows developments with overseas programs.


greenactive provides lobbying activities between the client and the national and local administrative agencies and organizations.

The development of relations with associations, foundations and chambers is also included in lobbying activities. greenactive has a good reputation with the cooperation it has made with bureaucracy over the last 25 years and successful projects it has realized. It has expertise in developing social responsibility projects that customers can undertake, in cooperation with government agencies and institutions

At international level, greenactive also helps ensure that the necessary contacts are made by the European Union agencies through its consultants in Brussels.

Research, Measuring and Reporting

greenactive’s expertise is strategic planning and conveying the correct message to the correct audience on corrected time. There are many plans and reports that greenactive uses consistently to check the implementation process of the communication program and to measure the success of the results achieved.